Bus Stop Bugs

Insect Ambassadors is partnering with Madison Metro to bring insect outreach to the streets with Bus Stop Bugs! Find posters with insect info around town.

Stops with posters include:

  • Gorham at Blair (park)
  • W Wash at Brittingham (park)
  • Monroe at Leonard (Edgewood)
  • Speedway at Glenway (golf course)
  • Cottage Grove and Acewood
  • Division at Oakridge (near lake)
  • Jenifer at Paterson (near lake/park)
  • Commercial at Packers (park)
  • Northport at Warner (park)
  • Sheboygan and Segoe
  • Mineral Point at Rosa (park)

If you’ve seen any of these posters, fill out this form and tell us about it!